About This Site

If you found this site, you probably love the University of Kentucky.  We do.  And this site is designed to be a daily reminder of the history of sports at this great university.  To allow us to remember the people who represented us on the gridiron, the court, the diamond and whatever other venue anyone ever wore the blue and white on.

There is basically no original information on this site.  We’ve done our best to curate information, both old and new from people who’ve put a LOT of work into their history sites or ongoing news portals.  We link everything directly to them.  So thank them for continuing to provide information that we can all enjoy.  Day after day.  Year after year.  Make sure you thank THEM, by reading their product, utilizing their sponsors, whatever it takes.

How do we pick what to include?  First off, this site is dedicated to any player, coach, administrator or fan who ever wore the blue and white.  As far as what shows up on this site, there are a few basic thoughts we follow.

  • Players have to be someone the majority of the public would recognize.  You’ll tend to see more players from recent years than 50+ years ago.  All American and All Conference players from any era will be included, as well as any player who made a difference in the social world.   (If we’ve missed someone you think qualifies, please see the information below about ‘submitting an event’)
  • Great moments in UK sports.  We want to chronicle all moments in sports where a team or individual won a monumental game, championship or changed history through their actions.  We especially want moments where video exists to supplement the written word.  (You know.. to bring those feelings you get everytime ‘Stevie gets loose!!!’)

Want to submit info?  Have an event or birthday you think should be on the site?  Submit it using the ‘Submit event’ page.  We can’t promise all events will be included.

Thanks to the following whose information helps compile this site:

  • Jon Scott at the amazing BigBlueHistory.Net.  This site is a statistic junkies dream!
  • Kentucky Sports Radio
  • Nation of Blue
  • A Sea of Blue
  • Vaught’s Views
  • Big Blue Insider
  • Kyle Macy (who puts up with my nonsense on ‘Mornings With Kyle’)

And a special tribute to my old pal Bret Bearup.  One of the smartest, coolest people I’ve had the pleasure to know.  Gone far too soon.

Enjoy the site.  Please point out additions or corrections and as always, ‘Go Big Blue!!!’

Ed Owen 2020